Locus Robotics Coloring Book

This past year, I had the great pleasure of working with Locus Robotics. Using robots to help the elves load my sleigh at the North Pole has increased Elf productivity by 128% by the way . The Locus Team and I were able to share our experiences at several speaking engagements around the world. These include Madrid, Spain, Nashville, Tn. and Atlanta, Ga. They took an idea I had, along with some of my pictures and immortalized me into a coloring book to assist in their marketing strategy. The book turned out great team! It has been a pleasure to be associated with such an amazing company and I can't say enough good things about every one of the people I have worked with at Locus. 2022 was great but I see even better things on the horizon for Locus in 2023. You have made this Santa very happy with this gesture and I give my heart felt thanks to everyone at Locus Robotics who has partnered with me this year.

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